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Welcome to Koa 'n Siya

For newcomers to Koa 'n Siya and for all those who have been with me for some time, I will tell you a few things about me.

I'm Filipa, I'm the founder of Koa 'n Siya and who produces all the products you find here on the website 🌿🌈☀️.

As a child I always liked to create, paint, dance, crochet (I learned very young with my mother and aunts). Unfortunately over time I lost a great part of this creativity.

Unfortunately society imposes that to be successful we have to forget what we love to do/create.

I have a degree in Accounting and Finance, but in 2017 I found a world that I fell in love with (or have I always been in love with this world? 🤔). I saw that there is much more in this life than being locked in an office looking at numbers and excel sheets 😅.

2017 was a year of great changes for me, of great (re)discoveries.

I found/met again my passion for creating, for alchemy, for transformation, especially to pick up something that Nature gives us and transform it into something wonderful.

It's funny how life puts us in situations to make us look for other things and find our way. In my case it was an allergic reaction to commercial hair products, I had a very strong reaction on my scalp and this led me to research ingredients and alternatives. I found natural product workshops and felt that was where I had to be.

All ingredients used are intensively researched beforehand. Most of the ingredients I use I get them by intuition and when I go to do research on them they make perfect sense for the product I'm creating! 🌿

As nothing is separate, my work with energies is also not separate from my alchemy of products.

I have studied Natural Gynecology and the treatments are based on plants, flowers and herbs, from what nature gives us. Despite my study in this area, when I prepare a protocol I also receive a lot of information by intuition to be applied in that protocol.

Now that you know a little more about me and connect with this energy, I hope you feel all the love I put into the products I make and are available 🤗

Here, on the Koa 'n Siya website, you can find several hair and hygiene products, among others. As creativity has not taken a vacation 🥳 new products will be launched as they are tested by me and some friends.

Also, you can find and schedule the services I have available.

All products are programmed with love and the intention is to serve the greater good of the person who chose it, as well as that the properties of the ingredients used are intensified 🌿

With love,


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