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Our story

The beginning

The creation of this project arose from a personal need to have cosmetics as natural as possible to heal myself  from an allergy I had on my scalp after using some products I purchased from hair care stores.

After this event, I started researching the common ingredients that are used in the production of these products and what are the most natural alternatives possible. I looked for workshops to complement my research and studies. I realized the impact of the ingredients used in industrial cosmetics on our body, health and planet.

All products are tested by me before they are available for sale.

As my awareness of this topic grew, so did my awareness of the universe in which we live.

I started to be aware of everything around us and to seek my self-knowledge and healing.

Throughout the journey I was healing from inorganic and distorted programs and my gifts and abilities began to blossom and manifest.

All of my products and services are aligned with the principles of Eternal Life and Organic Codes to assist you on your journey and align you with your highest potential as an Eternal being.


I take love, soul, care to everything I produce.

All products are programmed and energized before being shipped to maximize their benefits.

I'm so happy that you connect with Koa 'n Siya, with this energy and these products.

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