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The benefits of shampoo bar šŸŒæ

Have you tried already shampoo bar? The shampoo bars are an excellent alternative to the regular shampoos šŸ¤©! Check this post to discover some of its benefits.

They are gentle

Shampoo bars do not contain harsh chemical, which damage the hair and strip away the hair's natural moisturizing oils.

They are much more natural

Unlike traditional shampoos, shampoo bars do not contain preservatives and chemicals in their production that strip the hair's natural oils and leave the scalp dry.

Every ingredient used in the production of Koa 'n Siya's solid shampoos is chosen with conscience for the best of your hair and scalp.

They last longer

With the perfect use and storage each shampoo bar lasts 50 to 70 washes.

As solid shampoos are more concentrated than traditional shampoos, since much less water is used in their manufacturing process, you can use less with each application and last longer.

They are economical

Although most solid shampoos are slightly more expensive than traditional shampoos, as they last longer they also save you money.

They smell awesome

Instead of synthetic fragrances in shampoo bars are utilised natural essential oils, which are fantastic for the hair and scalp and leave a wonderful and refreshing scent.

They do a lot of good to hair

Due to their natural ingredients, shampoos have the benefit of relieving dry and itchy scalp, promoting hair growth, creating volume, increasing blood circulation and promoting the health of hair follicles.

Koa 'n Siya's solid shampoos leave hair feeling light, clean and full of volume.

They save space

They are much smaller and lightweight than traditional shampoos in terms of the number of washes you can get with the same amount of product. It has numerous advantages, from keeping your bathroom cabinets organized to packing your bags for your next trip.

They are better for traveling

With shampoo bars you don't need to worry of them leaking or meet the amount of travelling requirement.

How to use shampoo bar

  • Apply directly to wet hair or lather the shampoo between your hands until a light lather is created.

  • Gently massage into the scalp.

  • Rinse your hair.

Care to be taken when using solid shampoo

  • Rinse the shampoo after each wash to remove the remaining lather.

  • You can put it in a soap dish (with holes in the base for example) so that the water runs off.

  • Keep your solid shampoo in a dry place where there is no contact with water.

Everything we do and use in our daily lives affects our health and our body. Everything we put topically on our skin and scalp is absorbed into the bloodstream, so it's very important that we make conscious choices in the products we use.

In our store you can find different solid shampoos according to your needs.

Each ingredient is chosen consciously and thinking about your well-being as well as your hair.

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