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8 months Natural Gynaecology follow-up

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Descrição do serviço

This 8-month Natural Gynaecology accompaniment is 100% dedicated to you, the woman, because you are unique and have your own story. You'll have the opportunity to address all aspects of your life and, together, we'll identify the signals that your body is giving off so that you can take a closer, holistic look at yourself. It's your chance to understand the root causes of your symptoms, which could be traumas, emotions and beliefs that are stored in your body and energy. After each session, I prepare a personalised protocol of treatments/practices for you, which is in line with what has been discussed. The treatments/practices are natural, with a variety of herbs, from herbal teas to uterine vaporisations, among many others. You'll learn about yourself, your body, your cycles, your fertility, your anatomy and you'll receive guidance and advice on natural practices to balance your health. Includes: - Monthly sessions (totalling 8); - Personalised monthly protocols; - 1 individual learning sessions, topic to be defined with you; - Herbs needed for one of the protocol practices each month; - 1 Artisanal Journal for each protocol, where you can write down how you feel during the protocol; - 1 set of reusable menstrual pads; - Full support by WhatsApp / telegram / email. Before you make this commitment to yourself and walk this path with my help: - You have to be ready to dive deep into yourself and make your own changes happen - You have to find a space, date and time when you can be calm during the session. - You have to be ready to take full responsibility for your experience and for following the protocol. This accompaniment with me does not replace the Traditional Gynaecology consultation and can be done in parallel. *No-shows are not refundable. **Cancellations up to 48 hours, less than 48 hours, no refund.

Política de Cancelamento

Para cancelar ou reagendar, contacta-nos por favor até 48 horas antes. Cancelamentos e reagendamentos feitos com menos de 48 horas de antecendência não são reembolsáveis.

Informações de contato


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