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White Sage Smudge Sticks with Rose Petals

White Sage Smudge Sticks with Rose Petals

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White Sage is a sacred plant that is originated in California and has been used in smudging by Native American tribes for centuries, purifying and cleansing energies, warding off negative energies and attracting prosperity, health, protection, clarity and blessings, and reinforcing spiritual connection.


It is a powerful cleansing and purifying tool and is perfect for smudging, an ancestral practice, always respecting and honouring Native American heritage.


The White Sage smoke helps to cleanse the body and the space around us, as well as to reach a point of heightened relaxation.

It's a good tool to use before meditation, after a day's work or whenever you feel the need.

It cleanses negative energy, eliminates stress, anger, envy, anxiety and bad intentions.


Rose petals stimulate passion and the energy of inner love, enhances and settles our relationships.


I like to use it to purify myself and my space before producing any product, before and after any therapy I offer, and when I feel heavier as well as when I feel the energy in my home is heavier.


The White Sage in our smudge sticks is 100% organic, ethically sourced, harvested and prepared by hand in a 100% sustainable way.

It is carefully cultivated, preserved and harvested on land located in the mountains of eastern California belonging to Native American descendants whose mission is the important preservation of this sacred plant.


By buying White Salvia at Koa 'n Siya you respect this natural sacred incense, help preserve and replant this sacred indigenous medicine, educate about its care and use, and support the end of its illegal harvesting and sale.

Koa 'n Siya supports the inhabitants of small indigenous communities, respecting ancestral indigenous customs, supporting sustainability, the local economy and balance.

Only 3 left in stock

    100% organic and sustainable.

    Sold by the unit.

    One size fits all: approximately 10cm.

    Aroma: strong, bitter and earthy, with light notes of eucalyptus.

    Origin: California

    Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.


    How to use:

    Light the smudge stick with matches or over a candle.

    Allow the flame to consume the herbs for at least 30 seconds.

    Shake the smudge stick gently so that the flame goes out to activate the ember that releases the smoke and essence.

    Circulate with the smudge stick around your body.

    Move around the room with the smudge stick in your hand so that the smoke spreads to all corners, especially corners and areas with electrical appliances.

    Store the rest of the smudge stick in a dry place for later use.


    The images are merely representative, as the colours and tones may differ slightly due to different screen configurations, lighting conditions and other particularities at the time of photography.

    You will not receive the exact product pictured, but one that is extremely similar.

    By purchasing you accept the above conditions. We do not accept returns on the grounds that the product is not exactly as pictured.


    • Helps to cleanse spaces, people and objects of negative energy. Smudging White Sage creates a sacred, protected and spiritually pure space.
    • It promotes positive energy, attracts blessings and good luck, creates a feeling of peace, calm and tranquillity.
    • Strengthens the spiritual and divine connection.
    • Brings purification and sanctification to spaces and people.
    • Improves intuition and psychic abilities. It is often used before meditation or energetic and spiritual practices.
    • It offers protection against entities, spirits or negative energies.
    • Brings renewal and new beginnings. It is often used during periods of transition or change, such as moving to a new house, a new job or after a break-up.
    • It is used to honour ancestors and spirits. Using White Sage can be a way of connecting with the spiritual realm and showing respect and gratitude to ancestors.
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