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Druse Smoky Quartz

Druse Smoky Quartz

VAT Included |

Smoky Quartz is an excellent crystal for meditation and anchoring. It helps keep you focused on reality, while dispelling negative thoughts.

It is a powerful crystal known for its protection, purifying and absorbing negative energies. Smoky quartz can protect against energetic attacks.

It increases clarity of thought, provides confidence, strength and emotional calm.

It helps keep us realistic and increases our strength to achieve goals, while also aiding the perception of dreams.

Only 2 left in stock

    Size: approximately 7cm

    Weight: 115gr-116gr


    I use my intuition to choose which crystal to send.

    Please note that crystals come from Mother Nature and vary in shape, colour, size and pattern, as no two are the same.

    The images are merely representative, as the colours and tones may differ slightly due to different screen configurations, lighting conditions and other particularities at the time of photography.

    You will not receive the exact product pictured, but one that is extremely similar.

    By purchasing you accept the above conditions. We do not accept returns on the grounds that the product is not exactly as pictured.

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