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Multidimensional Quantum Therapy

  • 1 hora 30 minutos
  • 72 euros
  • Online

Descrição do serviço

Only organic, pure, eternal life energies and codes are channeled during the session. The sessions always start with an anchoring meditation and later with a conversation to understand what led you to seek this cure, it also serves to reflect on yourself, on your aspects. Essentially, it's to bring to your conscious aspects that you don't usually look at in your daily life. After the initial conversation I take you through meditation for your healing journey. Through a set of various techniques and energy channeling, I conduct the entire session. The healing and multidimensional quantum work starts right when you schedule the session. Right at the conversation all healing codes are already activated and both healing and multidimensional and quantum work are already happening, too. All areas of your life, relationships, professional, personal, health, financial, can be worked and transformed in Multidimensional Quantum Therapy. What can happen during the session: - Regression of memories - Progression and transmutation of past, future and parallel lives - Rescue of bodies, soul, inner child, heart, mission, judgment - DNA activations - Balance of male and female energy - Reconnection with the pure and organic energies of Source - Work your communication channel with your Higher Self - Healing traumas, blockages, emotional patterns and limiting beliefs *No shows are non-refundable. *For in-person sessions in Vila Nova de Gaia please contact: +351 912 378 714

Política de Cancelamento

Para cancelar ou reagendar, contacta-nos por favor até 48 horas antes. Cancelamentos e reagendamentos feitos com menos de 48 horas de antecendência não são reembolsáveis.

Informações de contato


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