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Japanese Face Massage

  • 45 minutos
  • 45 euros
  • Location 1

Descrição do serviço

Kobido in Japanese means "Ancient Way of Beauty". It is a thousand-year-old Japanese anti-aging treatment with a gesture known to date as one of the most effective in prolonging or restoring the youthfulness of the face, neck and low-necked. Is often referred to as a non-surgical facelift. This massage is a manual, very intensive treatment that works on the deep structures of the skin. Thanks to it, the skin becomes stronger. Kobido massage is a deep massage performed on the skin surface. The slow movements are designed to relax and unwind the massaged person, while the fast, decisive, deep movements stimulate the skin and produce the ingredients necessary to achieve the lifting effect. After the massage, we feel relaxed, release toxins from the skin, and stimulate nerves, skin and muscles. It is a natural alternative to aesthetic medicine and various interventional treatments such as hyaluronic acid injections or botox. After the Kobido massage you will get a natural facelift result. Is a beauty ritual that awakens the sense and well-being, an energising draining treatment. The effleurages are pleasant and prepare for tonic work, activate the blood and lymphatic circulation of the face. The Japanese ancestral movements are powerful anti-aging activators: they plump up, clarity the complexion, work on the oval face, stimulate the points of natural anti-aging active ingredients. This treatment brings a moment of deep serenity and its energetic action stimulates the digestive system by activating the Chinese points of the face connected to the internal organs. Benefits: - Improving the contour of the face. - Lifting the cheeks. - Levelling drooping cheeks. - Smoothing out wrinkles. - Reduce swelling. - Levelling bags under the eyes. - Lifting drooping eyelids. - Improves skin hydration. - Elasticity and firmness. - Stimulating and draining pressures and vibrations. - Relaxes the nervous system. - Produces a natural lifting effect. - Prevents and Reduces wrinkles. - Relaxes muscular tension. It is recommended one session every 2 to 3 weeks for at least ten sessions, then occasionally (once a month). *No shows are non-refundable. Location: Planeta Zatopec Vilar do Paraíso Rua das Corujeiras, n.º 265 4430-071 Vila Nova de Gaia

Política de Cancelamento

Para cancelar ou reagendar, contacta-nos por favor até 48 horas antes. Cancelamentos e reagendamentos feitos com menos de 48 horas de antecendência não são reembolsáveis.

Informações de contato

  • +351912378714

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