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Learn to recognize each phase of the menstrual cycle, how hormones work, how emotions work during the cycle.

(Re)connect with your cyclical nature and your inner power.

And you still have some  tips on treatments within Natural Gynecology.


Filipa Ferreira da Silva

Hi, I'm Filipa, founder of Koa 'n Siya.

I bring products and services with the intention of returning to our most natural, pure and organic state.

Creating a space for healing, sharing knowledge, expanded in a loving and natural way reaching the hearts of several women.

What is the Wisdom of Feminine Cycles

The Wisdom of Women's Cycles is an immersion in women's cycles, both the menstrual cycle and the cycles of life.

It's a loving look at women's issues that invite and lead to a deeper understanding and de connection  with our body, with nature, bringing healing, release e transformation maravilhosa.

Knowing ourselves is one of the purest and deepest forms of healing.

Knowledge is a information about our cyclicity, our body and nature brings back the feminine power lost over the years.

The Wisdom of Feminine Cycles is to rescue that power, so that you can strengthen your relationship  with yourself, with your body. It brings you a vision and care about yourself that you hadn't had until then.

Who is this immersion for?
  • For women who want to start or deepen their journey of female self-knowledge

  • For women who want to learn and delve deeper into important topics about the menstrual cycle

  • For women who want to stop taking hormonal contraceptives (such as the Pill)

  • For women who want to be able to e security  to take decisions about your own body, your own health and knowing your options

  • For women who want  have access to information  which lets you know how your health is

  • For women seeking healing, release e transformation

  • For women with or without a uterus, at any stage of their life who want to learn more about female cycles and female health

  • For those who want to learn or go deeper into female cycles and wish to educate and support their daughters, nieces, goddaughters who are starting a menstruation 

  • For women looking to connect with their cycle, intuition and body wisdom

In the Wisdom of Feminine Cycles you will...
  • Knowing your menstrual cycle and knowing how o to monitor

  • Knowing more about your anatomy feminine

  • To knowtrust and work with your cyclicity and nature

  • Using knowledge about your cycles to identify potential health imbalances

  • Know how to take decisions about your body and your reproductive health

  • Knowing how to work with your cycles

  • Work with your cycle to improve different areas of your life

Will you come with me on this journey?
  • 8 Modules starting on May 1, 2023

  • Manuals de support in PDF

  • Recorded Classes

  • 4 Live Classes that include dynamics de group:

             27/05, 24/06​​22/07 and 02/09 at 3:30pm  by Zoom

  • 4 bonuses

  • Access for 1 year

  • Members Area Support

100% Online
Program content

Module 1

Female Anatomy

  • Female anatomy

  • Womb, the Calyx of Life

  • The Woman, the Body and Intuition

Module 2

Menstrual Cycle

  • Hormones and the Phases of the Cycle

  • Dysfunctions do Menstrual Cycle

  • Seed Cycle

  • Contraceptives

Module 3

Menstrual Blood

  • Sacred Menstruation

  • Menstrual Blood Health

  • Menstrual Pads

Module 4

Phases of Life

  • Menarche

  • Menopause

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum

Module 5

Energy and Emotions

  • Pre-Ovulation

  • Ovulation

  • Pre-Menstruation

  • Menstruation

Module 6

Monitoring do Cycle

  • Cycle Monitoring Tools

  • Application of Monitoring tools

Module 7

Synchronization and Balance

  • Synchronize areas of the life cycle with the menstrual cycle by bringing balance

Module 8

Lymphatic Drainage in Women's Health

  • What is Lymphatic Drainage

  • Advantages of Lymphatic Drainage in Women's Health

  • How to do Lymphatic Drainage at home

Your time has come

knowledge on our menstrual cycle and on ourselves strengthens a relationship with ourselves and the world around us, it brings us power over all areas  of our life.

I believe that when we have access to information e knowledge,  that was hidden from us, we have the ability to change our lives and the way we look at ourselves.

And as we dive in this  world of female cycles we have access to wonderful healing processes, we really realize the power of creation  that we women carry within us! 

  • What do I need to participate in the Wisdom of the Feminine Cycles?
    There are no prerequisites to participate, you just have to want to join this journey and make yourself available to heal yourself. I just invite you to feel if this is the ideal time to take the course, despite the classes being recorded, having 1 year of access to the videos and having access to the manuals in PDF it is important that you commit and that you can attend the classes live to make the most of this experience.
  • I no longer menstruate, can I still take the Wisdom of the Feminine Cycles course?
    Of course! If you don't menstruate either because you're already in menopause or because you've had a hysterectomy, you can take the course. Women who no longer menstruate also have their own cyclicity, it's just shown differently. That's why even if you no longer menstruate but want to get to know yourself, your body, your nature, you can still take this course. One of the objectives of this course is to pass on this knowledge and information that is not taught in schools, and with this course you can support a woman or girl in your close circle to see their menstrual cycle more natural and pure.
  • What is the difference between Wisdom of the Feminine Cycle and an individual session?
    An individual service with me is more personalized, it goes against any imbalance that you are going through and that affects your feminine health. The Wisdom of the Female Cycles gives you an in-depth knowledge of how your hormones and your body work in each phase of the menstrual cycle, it also gives you confidence to prevent or achieve pregnancy naturally. It gives you the tools to identify potential gynecological imbalances.
  • I want to stop taking the pill, is this course useful for me?
    Of course! Making the decision to stop taking the pill or any other hormonal contraceptive should be made with confidence and with access to all available information. Knowing how your cycle and hormones work will give you more confidence to leave the pill or any other hormonal contraceptive, whether your intention is to prevent or achieve pregnancy.
  • With the Wisdom of the Feminine Cycles course, will I be able to provide Natural Gynecology sessions to other women?
    The Wisdom of the Feminine Cycles is not a professional certification course, but a course that gives you tools on a personal level so that you can know your menstrual cycle, your body, prevent or achieve pregnancy. However, if you have that desire to become a Natural Gynecology therapist or you are a health professional and you work with women's health, you can take this course as it is always useful to obtain this knowledge and information about your menstrual cycle, hormones , your body, going through these processes is essential if you want to work with women.
  • Does it have follow-up?
    Yes! You have my full support during the 1 year of the course, the live classes and in the members area where you can clarify all your doubts.
  • When are the live classes?
    The live classes are once a month, on a day and time to be defined, they will be recorded and you will be able to watch them later if you are unable to attend any, however it is advisable to participate live.
  • Can I attend classes at any time?
    Yes! On our course platform you will find all pre-recorded classes, PDF manuals and other resources and you can watch whenever you want and whenever you want during the duration of the course.
  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
    If you want, you can receive a certificate of participation, on a personal and non-professional level, once you complete the course and contact me to get your certificate.
  • What is the value of the Wisdom of the Feminine Cycles?
    The value is priceless! However, for €378 you have access to this knowledge that you will take with you for life and that you can apply in any area of your life. You can choose to pay the entire course or in four installments.
You will still receive as a bonus
  • Womb Memories

  • Breast self-examination

  • Treatment tips within Natural Gynecology

  • 10% discount on purchases over €35 in our online store

What they didn't teach you...

It might be strange to you at first sight to speak  on these topics, because we were not taught in school and it has been a taboo subject among society and in families. This knowledge that was passed from woman to woman, from mother to daughter, from sister to sister, was lost with a evolution  of the society in which it was created to take away this power from ourselves, de creation, de nutrition.

When I started this journey in Natural Gynecology   and I learned and got to know more about myself, my menstrual cycle and my body, I realized the healing it brought me. It is a fascinating journey that we embark on and realize its wonders we don't want to go back. 

It's because I experience these wonders in myself that I want to pass them on to as many women as possible! These are themes that should reach everyone and be shared by everyone and for everyone! Gratitude for joining me on this journey!

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