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Therapeutic Pindas

Therapeutic Pindas

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Therapeutic Pindas


Can be used hot or cold.

The combination of the plants used is ideal for menstrual cramps, ovulation cramps, muscle pain, headaches, among many others.


This article is not a substitute for personalized Natural Gynecology session or the search for a cure for the cause of menstrual cramps.



    For the premenstruation and menstruation phases, menstrual cramps.

    With melissa, chamomile and rosemary.



    For the pre-ovulation and ovulation phases.

    With sage, lavender, rosemary and calendula.



    For emotions and libido.

    With mugwort, dandelion, rosemary and lavender.


    Regardless of the above mentioned use, any pinda can be used for any type of pain. They are thus divided due to the energetic properties of plants.


    The pindas are sent with the respective instructions for use.


    The plants are all organically produced.

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